Colorful Tote Bags Inspired by Dazzle Camouflage Patterns Used By Ships During World War One

Nebraska Bag Ship

Former Laughing Squid blogger Evan Wagoner-Lynch has embarked upon a wonderful new endeavor that combines American/British history with fashion. Wagoner-Lynch has created a line of colorful tote bags inspired by the dazzle camouflage employed by Allied ships, primarily during World War I. The first of the bag series are based on three different ships – The USS Wakulla, The USS Nebraska and The RMS Mauretania. A percentage of the proceeds from these bags will benefit Washington state charities that support the people and environment of the Salish Sea region.

In World War I American and British artists created dazzle camouflage, a ship camouflage that looks like high-contrast modern art. Originally designed to confuse the aim of enemy submarine crews, I’m now using dazzle to make really cool tote bags. Your success with enemy torpedoes may vary. ..The bags are designed by me on Orcas Island in Washington State. They are printed and hand-sewn by my maker in California. …I’m donating 5% of sales to groups that work for the people and whales of the Salish Sea region (an area stretching from Seattle to British Columbia.)

Mauterania Bag Ship

Wakulla Bag Ship

Nebraska Close k-wakulla


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