Wonderfully Realistic Animal Hoof Shoes and Boots

Creature Feet Furry

Cosplay designer Blair Ondrla of ChaosCostumes has created a wonderfully eclectic line of footwear called Creature Feet. This selection of detailed shoes and boots are made in the shape of animal hooves for true costume realism.

According to Ondrla, designing realistic costumes gives her great joy.

Honestly I just love creating and making people happy. I find my purpose and self-worth completely out of my creations and it shows with my craftsmanship. I am very much a hermit but enjoy going to geeky safe places where I can express myself freely and nobody asks ridiculous questions.

Creature Feet and other cosplay wear can be purchased through the ChaosCostumes Etsy shop.

Creature Feet Brown Horse Hooves

Creature Feet Cloved Hoof

Creature Feet Shoes

Creature Feet Hooves With Faux Fur Pants