Baby Wombat Adorably Rubs Butt Against Hiker’s Pole

Adventurers Jess and Benny captured adorable footage of a baby wombat in Tasmania rubbing their little butt against Jess’ hiking pole.

When a baby wombat twerks on your hiking pole!

While this was a wonderful sight to behold, the wombat might have thought the pole was a threat, as this charming twerk is actually a wombat’s main source of defence. There are very few nerve endings in their buttocks, so it doesn’t hurt them when they attack their enemies from the backside.

Wombats main force of defence is using their butt to crush their enemies from entering their den.

The Pair Encounters Wombats Regularly on Their Hikes


An adult wombat usually grows to about a metre long – the same as a medium-sized dog. They can weigh up to 40 kilograms, and have wide, strong feet which are great for digging! #tasmania #fyp #wombat #animalsoftiktok #cuteanimal #nature #wildlife

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