A Remarkable Woman Born Without Arms Shows How She Pumps Gas and Changes a Tire

In the cleverly named YouTube series “Tisha UnArmed“, a remarkable woman shows how she performs typical daily activities despite the fact that she was born without arms. In a 2014 episode about pumping gas, Tisha demonstrated her refueling routine with amazing coordination and a great sense of humor.

Tisha was born without arms and her right leg is shorter than the other due to her femur developing curved. Tisha wears a special prosthetic on her right leg to keep even. She does everything with her feet including eating, driving, shopping and painting. Tisha’s can do attitude, spunky personality and willingness to fight for independence has earned her a spot light on YouTube, making videos of how to do things with her feet.

Earlier that year, Tisha showed how to change a tire without arms.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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