Woman Travels Around Greece Feeding Stray Animals

Ermioni Giannakou of Diasozo Animal Rescue Karditsa travels all around Greece to feed hundreds of stray dogs who are living on the street.

This woman spends all day caring for and feeding stray animals all over Greece.

Woman Travels All Over Greece To Feed Stray Animals

Because of a lack of veterinary care, many of the animals Giannakou encounters need medical attention. Luckily, she works with a team of equally generous humans who give these dogs the medical that they need. Once they’ve been treated, many of the dogs are put up for adoption in Germany and other European countries.

I live in an area in central Greece called Karditsa, and I try to rescue and rehome as many animals as possible. My charity is based 100% on volunteer work and donations, and receives no funding from any official channels. I care for more than 100 animals that have been rescued and every day I get calls for dogs and cats abandoned, sick, abused, mother dogs raising their babies on the streets and severely sick dogs that are suffering without any help from anyone.

She also treats cats in need.

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