The Heroic Woman Who Gave Up Everything to Rescue Stray Animals Full Time in Lebanon

Sandra Mouawad, an incredibly generous Lebanese woman who heroically rescues stray dogs and cats from the streets, spoke with The Dodo about her mission to keep doing so. Mouawad explained that she quit her job so that she could start rescuing animals full time.

 I decided to leave my job and the plan was to rescue one at a time. Next thing I know, my house is filled with all of these animals. My parents thought I was insane but now they turned around.

Mouawad has now opened a cat shelter of her own, though she still also rescues dogs.

A lot of awesome people who open dog shelters in Lebanon, but I fell in love with cats so much. I really wanted to open a home for them and to be able to actually rescue as much as I can.

Mouawad is doing amazing work, especially with injured and special needs animals, and relies on donations to provide the care they need.

Sandra Mouawad…has dedicated her life to helping these abused and neglected animals. Many animal advocates and organizations need help in order to rescue and treat the animals of Lebanon   Lebanon is a beautiful place, unfortunately, people can be cruel and heartless towards the animals

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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