Woman Adopts a One-Winged Bumblebee Who Mistook Her Shoe for a Flower

Artist and animal lover Katharina Wallén discovered that a walking bumblebee was following her. When she stopped, the bumblebee climbed onto her foot, mistaking the beads on her shoes for flowers.

One-Winged Bumblebee

That’s when Katharina noticed that the bee only had one functioning wing and was probably very hungry. She picked a flower and laid it on the ground for the bee to feed on. When the bee was finished, Katherina took her home. The bee, now named Sweet Pea, is living comfortably with Katharina, her husband Anton, and all the fresh flowers she could ever want.

I saw this bumblebee walking along a country road. It started to follow me. She was obviously searing for flowers and seemed very hungry. …We decided to take care of her, we gave her some sugar water and took her in. Then we created a little shelter for her.


We have found a flightless and starving bumblebee and have been taking care of it for almost 3 weeks now ?? she’s doing very well ? #bumblebee #hummel #bienen #insekt #insect #beerescue #sonnenblumen #sommer #summer #insectlovers #pollen #cutebee #insectsoftiktok #beesoftiktok #fyp

? golden hour – piano instrumental – Chilled Pig

Katharina also did a beautiful drawing of Sweet Pea.

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