Sammy Hagar Excitedly Interviews His Musical Hero Roger Daltrey of The Who

Frontman Sammy Hagar, acting as a correspondent for AXS-TV, excitedly interviewed his musical hero, Roger Daltrey of The Who while they were both performing in Lake Tahoe, California.

Join Sammy as he flies to Lake Tahoe to meet up with Roger Daltrey of The Who.

During the interview, Daltrey talked about why he doesn’t have a beer belly, the ups and downs of his 55 year friendship with Pete Townshend, and answered a series of silly questions posed by Hagar. The pair also discussed performing at the Charlton Festival in 1973, when Hagar was in the band Montrose, and how Hagar was mistaken for Daltrey at that time.

So the whole Monstrose band … we went and got in line. We’re all dressed up like full rock stars. We’re in London now and somebody comes and pulls us out of the line and says, ‘oh come on come on follow us follow us’. Somebody gave us this table, we’re sitting up on the thing man, they’re bringing us food and and they came back 10 minutes later and said sorry, we thought you were Roger Daltrey.

Hagar also performed a beautiful acoustic cover of The Who song “Behind Blue Eyes”.

Sammy performs one of The Who’s most well-known classics.

Hagar’s Band Montrose Opening for The Who in 1973

It’s easy to see how Hagar was mistaken for Daltrey as he certainly channeled him onstage when opening for them at The Charlton Festival.

Montrose opening for The Who in London 1973 at Charlton Festival for 80k people. I was shaking in my shoes, but wow, Montrose was a bad ass rock ‘n’ roll band!

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