Wild Kingdom Host Stephanie Arne Joyfully Envelopes Herself In a Swarm of Baby Otters

Stephanie Arne, the first female host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, was given an opportunity to swim (fully clothed) with the otter ambassadors of Nurtured by Nature sanctuary in Valley Center, California. Instead of swimming however, the gleeful host was adorably swarmed by the highly affectionate animals.

This is the most amazing thing. You guys have to come down here and swim with baby otters. I can personally guarantee that you will leave feeling more joyful than you’ve ever felt in your entire life.

Swims can be booked online. The non-profit organization also accepts donations towards their program to help ill, injured, and traumatized children regain their confidence and attain joy through animal interaction.

Nurtured by Nature offers an incredible 2 – 2 1/2 hour experience where you will literally swim with Asian Small Clawed Otters and get up close and personal with up to seven of the center’s resident animals. You’ll also find out more about the amazing work that is carried out by this nonprofit animal facility dedicated to making dreams come true for sick and traumatized children. …Nurtured by Nature is a non-profit organization. All monies from the sale of this experience will be used to fund future work by the center providing unique animal interactions to terminally ill and traumatized children.

Animal-lover Steven Bazyl also went swimming with the otters in 2012 and had a really good time as well.