Why London Is Divided Into 32 Different Boroughs

Jay Foreman, who creates silly educational videos, quite humorously explains why the city of London is divided into an immense 32 boroughs within its metropolitan area. Surprisingly, this current number was brought down from an absolutely unwieldy 86. Foreman cites the very complicated process that brought the number down, the complications of such an endeavor, and the confusing and sometimes contentious naming conventions as determined by the greater population.

New York City is divided into five iconic boroughs. Paris is divided into twenty unimaginatively named arrondissements. And London too is divided into boroughs – 32 of them. But why 32? …Before 1965, the area we now call Greater London was made up of 86 authorities based mostly on ancient church parishes, many dating back to the Middle Ages. …The answer to the question “How many boroughs should Greater London have?” was 32.

Foreman continued on with a second video explaining how this borough system is currently working and how people know which borough they are currently entering and leaving.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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