Why Diametrically Opposed Locations Across Earth’s Surface Are Also the Farthest Points Away

Most Opposite Point

The fascinating animated series RealLifeLore explains why the farthest point away from any one place is one that is diametrically opposed across the surface of the Earth and would be 20,000 kilometers apart. These two locations are known as Antipodes are perfectly opposed in terms of season, time and location from the Equator. Visiting one’s antipode, however, is not all that realistically feasible as most antipodes of populated areas would land one directly into the ocean. There are a few notable exceptions, however most are not directly accessible.

a notable exception to this is Spain and Portugal, who share a significant amount of area that is opposite of New Zealand. So for Spaniards and Portuguese on one side and New Zealanders on the other, they are as geographically separated from one another as you can possibly be. The cities of Madrid and Auckland are almost opposite of each other being about as far away as cities can possibly get from one another. …right now there isn’t a single commercial jet that could travel that distance at a full load on a single flight.