A Thoughtful Documentary About Married Artists Who Moved From the City to the Country to Fuel Creativity

“Where We Arrived” is a short, thoughtful documentary by Andrew Smith about artists Takuya Yoshida and Minami Yoshida, who left Tokyo for a quiet rural life in Hokkaido, Japan in order to fuel their respective creative needs. Takuya explains why this move was necessary in order for him to really do what he felt he should be doing.

I think, for artists, making is the most important thing and if I were in New York or in Tokyo, maybe I would have a hard time making paintings. …I have more time to paint because not everything is driven by money, and I can live, I can get the food from the ground. I can cut the wood and have free heat. I might not have had much money but I have more time.

Where We Arrived

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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