Documenting the Evolutionary Journey That Western Toad Tadpoles Must Take to Become Fully Grown

British Columbian nature and wildlife photographer Maxwell Hohn spent a remarkable four years documenting the dangerous, underwater journey that Western toad tadpoles have to make in order to mature into a fully grown Western toad.

It begins as the newly hatched youngsters begin their evolutionary instinctive way toward land. As they move through the predatory waters for several weeks the tadpoles begin to evolve. Their back legs first appear, then their front legs emerge. By the time their tails become redundant, the young toads will have reached land. Soon, these toads will go back to start the whole process over again.

In a quiet corner of British Columbia, the western toad tadpoles embark on their incredible daily migration, a fearless and epic journey as these little animals navigate the perils of the aquatic environment and metamorphosis.