We Didn’t Start the Fire, 2013 Celebrity Hype Edition

The video We Didn’t Start The Fire | 2013 Celebrity Hype Edition by Owen Weber, pays tribute to Billy Joel‘s rapid-fire time capsule song “We Didn’t Start the Fire“. Rather than the 40 years spanned by Mr. Joel’s song however; this version instead takes on the questionable behavior of celebrities of 2013.

No control, Hiddleston, Alec comes unglued again
Mug Shots, Love Knots, Water Weight, Thrift Shop
Chloe/Zooey, Viral Vines, Hunger Games and Blurred Lines
Jon Hamm, Anchorman, Kristen loves Pattinson

Poker Fortune, Carrie’s Live, Made a baby on the side
Affleck, Hasselbeck, Abs, Apps, New Duets
What Does The Fox Say, silver screen for Shades of Grey,
Cyrus Twerks and Bieber pees, can we have some real news please?

We’re gonna start a fire
Every page we’re turning
Ought to wind up burning

We’re gonna start a fire
But when this year is gone,
It’ll still go on, and on and on and on.


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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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