Drummers Vocally Describe the Sound of Their Drums

During a Drum Channel livestream, drummers JP Bouvet and Thomas Lang sat behind their kits and vocally traded fours by making the sound of their respective drums according to their mimed movements. It was as if pair was speaking in a made up language, one that only they and other experience percussionists could truly understand.

Who needs actual drums when you’ve got vocal percussion skills like these? 

Viewer Rylan Ivey captured the entire exchange.

Hagada, boogoodoo, hagada boogoodoo, hagadaboogoodoo you, degede boom, tekete boom, tekete boom, tekete tekete boom, boom, baga doo, baga doo, doogoo ba, doogoo ba, a daga boo doogoo ba, kat, k’tat, ts’k’kat, ts’k’kat, ts’k’kat, ts’ts’ts’kat boom, psh, dududu un dududu, k’daboo, dugudu k’daboo, daboo, badat, goodoont, ts’ts’gadat, ts’ts’k’b’boom, ts’ts’k’b’boom, ts’ka ts’ka, dugu dugat, dugu dugat, a boom boom, dugu dugat, dugu dugat, blapadoodoo blapa blapa doodoo blablablapa doodoo blapa boom, hugu bah hugu bah, hugu bah hugu bah, hugu bah hugu bah, hug a bear, hug a bear hug a bear, hug a hug a hug a bear hug, brrra brrra, brrrrrrrra, brrra brrra brrrrrra, bapa tutu kat, ts’kat ts’ts’kat ts’kat ts’boom ts’kat, ts’ uh, teke boom teke boom, hugu bah un teke boom, hugu bah un teke boom, pff, tss, ksh, tss, pff, tss, ksh tss pff, BRRRRrrrrrRR, brrrRRRRrrrRR, BRRRRrrrrrRR ush, RRRRRrRrRrRRRRRRrRrRrrrrrrr, rrrrrrRRRRRRrRrRrRrRRRRrrrrr pst pst, kata gu, dugu bah, kata gu dugu bah, taka dugu bah, bah, ts’ku, ts’bah, bah boom, boom

Here’s the pair playing without their voices.

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