Virginia the Three-Legged Cat Cares For Kittens at the Cattery Shelter


Virginia is long-haired, three-legged tabby cat that acts as a temporary mother to kittens at the Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas. “She’ll take them and force them to lie down with her while she bathes them, just like a mom would,” Cattery president and cofounder Scott Person told Catster. “If they’re misbehaving, she’ll go around and correct them, and she’ll get them out of trouble if they got on top of one of the cat trees.”

Virginia is also up for adoption, but Person says she needs “a really special household” because one of her rear legs has been amputated, the other is paralyzed, and she requires diapers and a therapy walker. Volunteers at the shelter have even built her a special pink therapy walker to help her develop strength in her back leg, and she’s already shown progress after using it. “She does take a fair amount of time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” Person said. “She’s available for adoption to the right family. Until that time, she’s got a great home here, and she’s got a job — to take care of all the little kittens.”


images via Catster

via Catster, Fark, Neatorama