Vintage Deyrolle Style Posters of Curious Creatures

Creature Chart Kraken

French artist Camille Renversade creates wonderfully vintage Deyrolle style cryptozoological posters of the most curious creatures that have lived within the legend of imagination for a very long time. Included in these fantastical illustrations are the biological features of a Kraken, a unicorn, a dragon, a snake-woman, a bat-man, and a fly-man.

Inspired by the famous Deyrolle school boards, I created them in partnership with Maison Deyrolle in Paris. Specialized in cryptozoology, Camille Renversade gradually becomes a creator of strange animals, a hybridermist sculptor, creator of cabinets of curiosities, designer or even professor of chemistry

Prints and other items are available for purchase through the Curiosites Renversade Etsy store.

Creature Chart Unicorn

Creature Chart Skeleton Dragon

Creature Chart Snakewoman

Creature Chart Bat Man

Creature Chart Dragon

Creature Chart Fly Man

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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