A Stunning Deliberately Blurry Replica of a Vincent Van Gogh ‘Self Portrait’ Made From Colored Blocks

Russian artist Timur Zagirov created an absolutely stunning, deliberately blurry replica of a self-portrait by legendarily troubled artist Vincent Van Gogh using 425 colorful wooden pine blocks of different sizes. Each block was meticulously hand-polished, painted, and then attached to a wooden frame.

This panel consists of 425 polished handmade pine cubes. To process the cubes, acrylic paints and colored wax were used. Cubes are attached to the plywood with white glue.

The piece has since been sold through Saatchi Art.

Self portrait Vincent Van Gogh “SOLD” 113 x 76 cm, wood on wood

via Moss and Fog

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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