Thoughtful Vice Principal Writes a Letter to the Tooth Fairy Verifying That a Student Lost a Tooth in School

Shandee M. Whitehead, a vice-principal at Hart Highlands School in Prince George, British Columbia wrote a very thoughtful note to the Tooth Fairy that explained that a student named Gavin had lost a tooth that day. The tooth fell out during lunch and disappeared. Despite the help of his classmates, it couldn’t be found. Being that Ms. Whitehead declared herself to be a “hobby dentist”, she personally verified that Gavin did indeed have a gap where a tooth used to be.

Please accept this letter as official verification of a lost tooth and provide the standard monetary exchange you provide for a real tooth.

In a humorous postscript to the letter, Whitehead asked the Tooth Fairy about the money she was owed due to her lost wisdom teeth.

Whitehead also explained that the seeming typo of “tooth” in the first line of the letter was actually part of a private joke between herself and the student.

via Andrew Kurjata

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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