Each Step of a Character’s Beach Vacation Illustrated in One Incredible Continuously Zoomable Image

French artist Vaskange creates unique, multilayered illustrations using the Endless Paper app, allowing viewers to zoom in continuously to discover new details about the image.

One of these illustrations encompasses every step of going on a beach vacation. It begins with a character working at a desk; further zooming in reveals a picture on the bulletin board of the character (and an apple) packing for a trip. This leads to a train where the same characters are seated with a camera in front of them. Zooming into the camera leads to an image of the characters standing on the edge of a rocky cliff; further zooming reveals a hotel room with a picture of the characters on the beach holding a tablet with a picture of the sea. It then goes underwater to reveal found treasure and perhaps even a monster or two. The clarity of each image is quite astounding.

Vaskange explains the image (in French) on TikTok

Here are some other zoomable illustrations by Vaskange.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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