The Benefits of Putting the Security of Blockchain Ledger Technology to Use Within the Voting Process

In a fascinating video for Big Think, technology entrepreneur Brian Behlendorf, the executive director of HyperLedger, an open source blockchain project that’s thinking beyond cryptocurrency, talks about the benefits of putting the security of blockchain ledger technology to use within the voting system. At the same time, Behlendorf also acknowledges that it wouldn’t be prudent to digitize the entire process, such as using mobile devices to vote mostly because these devices are not immune to hacking, malware and malfunction.

Going digital isn’t just a matter of convenience, but one of accountability—citizens the world over are increasingly losing trust in the democratic system, from miscounted votes, to denying eligible people the right to vote at all. …Brian Behlendorf considers two aspects where blockchain can help, and one where it absolutely can’t. Better tech can end voter discrimination at polling stations, and falsely reported totals at the state and national levels, but will we ever be able to vote on our mobile devices from the comfort of a blanket fort? Behlendorf delivers the bad news.