Update on Felice Cohen, Former Tenant of a 90-Square-Foot Microstudio in Manhattan

I want to fill life with experiences, more than stuff.

In 2011 we posted about a writer, artist, and professional organizer named Felice Cohen who was living in a 90-square-foot microstudio in Manhattan. She gave a tour of her apartment to Kirsten Dirksen of *faircompanies which went viral. Dirksen has now gone back to visit with Felice and explains, “Thanks to all the attention, Felice’s landlord discovered she wasn’t on the lease and evicted her (well, gave her the option to pay double the rent). Felice considered staying and paying $1300 or $1400 per month for her miniscule space, but then decided to listen to her grandparents who insisted that it was time to buy.” Her new apartment is in the same neighborhood and while it is much larger (at 500 square feet), she admits missing her tiny microstudio. (Coincidentally, I went to high school with Felice.)