Two Rescued Calves Gleefully Receive an Exuberant Welcome From the Rest of the Big Herd

In 2014, two rescued calves named Panda and Jazzy gleefully received an exuberant welcome into the big herd at Animal Place, an animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, California.

Panda (black and white) and Jazzy (smaller brown Jersey) met the big herd at Animal Place for the first time. Cows are generally easy to integrate, because they LOVE meeting other bovines! Watch at how exuberant Panda is at meeting his new friends. Cows, like dogs and humans, experience joy.

Panda had come to Animal Place a few months prior, after being cruelly burned by a man who broke into a high school housing animals for the Future Farmers of America and set the little bovine on fire. Executive Director Kim Sturla shares Panda’s sad story. Luckily, it has a happy ending.