Two Legged Rescued Dog Who Was Shot in the Head Now Walks Proudly in New Prosthetics

A spunky little two-legged dog named Amira who had been shot in the head and was rescued by the wonderful people at the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand, has found a loving, supportive home halfway around the world in Montreal, Canada where her very determined adopted mother Lara Pleasant takes incredibly good care of her.

A 2-legged dog named Amira is inspiring humans around the world. Amira was found by Soi Dog Foundation, an organization that cares for Thai street dogs. Across the globe in Canada, Lara Pleasence saw Amira on the rescue’s social media and knew the 2-legged, blind-in-one-eye dog needed to be a part of her family.

Lara wanted Amira to have prosthetics, as her wheelchair did not let her sniff the ground. After being told that Amira was too old by 20 different companies, the amazing 3D Pets in New Jersey were more than happy to accommodate, and now Amira is fully and proudly mobile.

 Pleasant says 20 companies told her Amira wasn’t a good fit for Prosthetics either because her limbs were too short or because of her age. “She’s 11 years old she will never ever be able to teach herself how to walk in them, she’s much too old. And I just kept saying no, you don’t know this dog she’s capable of anything”. A New Jersey based company called 3D pets took on the challenge and succeeded.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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