Twin Baby Cows Are Reunited With Their Mother After a Year Apart

The wonderful folks at Happy Compromise Farm and Sanctuary took in a pair of cow twins who were taken away from their mother Tarragon because they were considered useless to the dairy farm where they were born. The adorable bovine youngsters, who were named Tabitha and Titus soon began to thrive. There was only one thing missing was their mom.

They were a month old when we rescued the twins…twins are not desirable for dairy farmers. They’re often seen as useless. We asked about their mom, but they didn’t want to give her up. They said that she was still producing. It was our goal to reunite this family.

Luckily, after a year, the dairy farm agreed to release Tarragon to the sanctuary. While Tarragon immediately recognized her children, the twins weren’t able to see her immediately, as she was pregnant. After spending time bonding with baby Tulsi, the family was reunited for good.

It was three long months before Tarragon and Tulsi were able to join the main cow herd and be reunited with their family, but it was worth the wait. Now Tarragon will spend the rest of her natural life with her three kids, forever free of human expectations and demands.

The family also adopted another cow named Miriam into their herd.

When Miriam couldn’t be loaded up to take to slaughter, we were given the option of taking her in. She was terrified and tried to hide behind trees from us… A little over two years later, Miriam has a forever herd of her own that will never be taken away, including three calves – Titus, Tabitha, and Tulsi. Her bond with these three is so sweet. She’s their honorary auntie..

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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