Firefighter Adopts the Cat He Rescued in the Rubble of the Turkish Earthquake

When bicycle-helmeted firefighter Ali Cakas, an avid cyclist, was performing search and rescue duties after the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, he found a confused cat who perched herself upon his shoulder and refused to leave his presence. Unable to locate the cat’s humans, Cakas took the frightened feline home and named her Enkaz, which means rubble in Turkish. She soon became an integral part of Cakas’ family. Enkaz also became the firehouse mascot.

A Turkish firefighter helped rescue a cat from the rubble of a collapsed building following a recent massive earthquake that rocked both Turkey and Syria and killed thousands of people, and the animal hasn’t left his side since.

Enkaz is now living a wonderful life.

Cakas and his teammates rescued other animals as well.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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