Turkish ‘Breaking Bad’ Inspired Coffee Roastery Plans to Open in Brooklyn During Summer 2016

Walter’s Coffee Roastery, the incredibly detailed café inspired by all things Breaking Bad is currently making plans for a second location in somewhere in Brooklyn during the summer of 2016. Proprietor Deniz Kosan spoke with Seth Porges of Grub Street and explained how he connected coffee with the show and the show with coffee.

…if you watch the TV show again and again for like the third time, you see hints and details you couldn’t see the first time, and there is a lot about coffee going on during the show. …We tried not to use any official things from the TV show. …But in case they do call us up, I am more than ready to talk to them and sit down with them and say, ‘Hey, guys, you did something beautiful. Let’s do something together. And there’s free coffee for you.

Coffee and chemistry were never more closely akin than in this Breaking Bad scene from the sixth episode of the third season.

via Grub Street