Hilarious True Facts About the Incredibly Fashion Forward Cutter Insects Who Are Masters of Disguise

Using amazing footage from the late, great insect photographer Andreas Kay (previously) who sadly passed away in October, the very entertaining Ze Frank examines the interesting fashion choices of the tiny leafhopper, treehopper and planthopper insects for his zoologically themed True Facts series.

These hoppers are part of the Auchenorrhyncha family which is related to the cicada. Not only are these insects particularly stylish, but they are incredibly attractive to their honey sweetness and are incredible masters of disguise.

Planthopper adults have a high degree of specialization, often mimicking other insects as a form of defense. …Now treehopper adults have an obsession with hats that would make a milliner or haberdasher squeal. Many treehoppers have an enlarged pronotum, the first segment of the thorax, which creates sort of a helmet. …With this helmet, treehoppers can mimic thorns and wasps and ants. Even tiny helicopters or tattoos of hearts with thorns on them.