Compassionate Tourist Attempts to Feed the Huge Number of Homeless Dogs Who Live in Cusco, Peru

While visiting Cusco, Peru, travel vlogger Nicki of Hello Nicki Travels noticed the unusually high number of stray “plaza dogs” who live outside of the city center. Fully aware that she could only do so much as a tourist, Nicki took to the streets with a bag of dog food and attempted to feed as many of these homeless canines as she could.

At first, the dogs were wary and refused Nicki’s intended kindness, but after she showed sincere affection to one of the dogs, several other dogs came directly to her for food. Nicki continued on her mission until she ran out of food. She went to the store for more, but the dogs had already hunkered down somewhere for the night.

It was getting dark so sadly the plaza dogs were gone by the time I showed up again. On my way back to hotel, a local boy approached me as I was feeding this old dog he told me that he sees him there every day but this was the first time that he wasn’t alone. Meeting another person who acknowledged these animals is all I needed to end this day with a smile.And don’t worry I was able to find the plaza dogs again the next day

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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