A Humorously Tough Scene Dissection of Various Episodes From the U.S. Version of ‘The Office’

Gus Johnson, a comedian with a really goofy sense of humor, takes a hard look at the U.S. version of The Office using the same professional techniques employed by legendary script supervisors. In doing so, Johnson spots a number of errors that went previously unnoticed. These errors include cast looking directly into the camera, the similarity of actor names with their actual names, the director’s inability to keep the actor’s in character and a lack of a laugh track to let Johnson know when something was funny.

‘The Office’ a television show that has gotten a lot of good ratings and that a lot of people like to watch but what most people don’t know is that ‘The Office’ is actually a really bad show. There are so many mistakes and screw-ups in the show that I am honestly surprised that it took nine whole years for people to finally kick the show off of TV.