Tom Scott Unsuccessfully Attempts to Film an Eruption of 6,000 Year Old Volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

The ever-adventurous Tom Scott (previously) traveled to Iceland where he met with drone pilot Bjorn Steinbekk (previously) in order to visit the now-famous Geldingadalsgos volcano in Fagradalsfjall, which began erupting again in March 2021 after 6,000 years of being dormant.

While the pair made it to the site, they weren’t able to make it to the volcano, as the journey by foot was long and without facilities. Additionally, when the wind shifted, clouds of poisonous gas formed stopping tourists in their tracks. While the video didn’t work out the way Scott planned, it was still an amusing diversion that offered solid information about the mercurial flow of the ancient volcano.

Iceland has a new volcano, Fagradalsfjall: I wanted to visit, to talk about the infrastructure around it, and work out how the country deals with a new and dangerous tourist attraction. It didn’t go well.

I tried to film a volcano and it was a complete disaster
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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