Token, A Smart Ring With a Fingerprint Sensor That Securely Replaces Keys, Passwords and Cards

The Token is a very handy piece of wearable technology that holds all of the digital information for keys, credit cards, metro cards, access cards and passwords in an attractive silver ring. This smart ring protects all of its data through a fingerprint and optical sensors, making it much more convenient and safe to carry around so much digital information. Token can be pre-ordered through July 14, 2017 after which time the price may increase.

Token is the one place where all of your digital keys live — credit cards, house keys, website credentials, transit cards, car keys, your access badge — these are all artifacts you use to prove who you are. We built a secure environment for these artifacts to live on from a combination of asymmetric cryptography, biometrics, and a secure element. And we used the engrained behavior (swiping a card, entering a password, using house keys) as our benchmark for convenience – we didn’t build a feature unless we could make it faster and easier.

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