Tinycards, A Free iOS App That Uses Colorful Flashcards to Teach a Variety of Subjects


Duolingo has launched Tiny Cards, a colorful multi-subject flashcard app. Tinycards uses visual teaching methods within the same game framework that is used within their popular language learning app. Tinycards is currently available through iTunes,

Millions of people use flashcards every day to memorize things. We turned the experience into a game where you have fun unlocking new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full!. Why waste time learning the hard way? Tinycards uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you master new material efficiently. Create your own decks and share them with friends, or pick from a variety of delightful, animated collections exclusive to Tinycards. You’ll find constellations, country capitals, history and lots more.





via Product Hunt, swissmiss

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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