A Fascinating Portal Into the Tiny World of Tardigrades

Julie Laurin, an artist with a fascination of the microscopic, posted a live stream of adorably resilient tardigrades (water bears) as they make their way around their tiny world. This is part of Laurin’s portal, appropriately named website A Tiny World, where she shares her discoveries with those who want to learn more about these microscopic creatures, all in one place.

Julie is deeply fascinated by the microscopic world and she wanted to create an online portal to share her journey and explore this world with other people. …There’s a beginner guide, a creature guide, videos and much more. It’s also a place where people can contribute their knowledge to help identify things so that other enthusiasts can use this info for future reference. “A Tiny World” exists because it’s not easy to find all the info in one place when you’re just starting out, and that’s why it was created.

And whenever life gets to be too much, turn to the tardigrade.

via Neatorama