A Timelapse Road Trip to Major ‘Breaking Bad’ Filming Locations

Roadtrippers photographer Joel Schat created a incredible timelapse video of his road trip through Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting major Breaking Bad filming locations. With his trustly Canon EOS 6D camera at his side, Joel traveled to and filmed the White family’s house, Los Pollos Hermanos, Jesse Pinkman’s home, and even “sleazy Saul’s office.”

Our resident photographer (and die-hard Walter White fan) wasn’t ready to say goodbye. So he hopped in his van and drove 1,365 miles from Vancouver to Albuquerque to shoot this amazing video. A timelapse that forever immortalizes Walter White’s epic journey from high school chemistry teacher to New Mexico’s meth kingpin.

Here is a custom map from Roadtrippers that points out all of the locations from the video:

Breaking Bad Road Trip | My new trip on Roadtrippers

Joel Schat Breaking Bad

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