An Amazing One Minute Timelapse of a Self-Tweeting Plant Slowly Growing Over the Course of Three Years

In 2016, Brooklyn game designer Nicole He set up a meditative experiment in which a webcam would take a picture of a fiddle-leaf fig plant she named Grow Slow. The camera then automatically tweeted the photo from the same day at 10:17 AM every day for three years.

On Grow Slow’s third birthday, He created an amazing timelapse from the thousands of pictures taken over the course of the project.

@grow_slow is a meditation on nature and technology. Every morning at 10:17 am, a webcam takes a photo of my fiddle-leaf fig plant and tweets it. …The internet is fast, but plants are slow. This project is an experiment in combining those two things. @grow_slow follows the philosophy of the Slow Web. Any one picture might be mundane by itself, but as a collection, they become interesting over the course of time.

Grow Slow Timelapse

via Miss Cellania

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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