Worried Cat Searches For an Adopted Duckling Who Ran Away After Returning Home From Winter Migration

Los Angeles filmmaker Aaron Benitez of Aaron’s Animals created a wonderful online series that features a gray cat named Prince Michael and a playful group of ducklings that adopted him as their mother.

The first episode shows how Prince Michael met the ducklings by helping them across a busy road. He tried to first get rid of them but eventually became so attached to them that he cried when they migrated south for the winter.

When the ducklings returned in the warmer weather, the whole group fell into familiar patterns of life at home. One duckling named Gabe, however, felt very left out of the family dynamic and decided to run away from home. Prince Michael was beside himself and went looking for his lost child, but they kept missing each other. Gabe joined a motorcycle gang that terrorized the neighborhood, but when it came to vandalizing his former home, Gabe realized what was truly important to him.

Prince Michael’s ducklings return home for the summer when Michael notices Gabe is having a hard time.

Prince Michael and Gabe the Duckling

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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