The Muppets Perform the First Act of ‘Hamilton’

Comedian Ricky Downes III, a “crazy redheaded bird person who does voice acting, stand up comedy, animation, and memorizes the entirety of The Lion King“, quite amazingly reenacted the first act of Hamilton as different characters of The Muppets.

Kermit the Frog, quite appropriately, played the title role while Animal played King George III. Beaker meeped and Camilla the Chicken clucked their respective ways through their respective solos.

This amazing recording is also available on SoundCloud.

Making ya proud Lin!

Alexander Hamilton – Kermit the Frog
Aaron Burr – The Great Gonzo
Eliza Schuyler – Miss Piggy
Marquis de LaFozette – Fozzie Bear
George Washington – Sam the Eagle
Angelica Schuyler – Camilla the Chicken
John Laurens – Beaker
Hercules Mulligan – Rowlf the Dog
King George III – Animal
Peggy Schuyler – Janice
Samuel Seabury – The Swedish Chef
Charles Lee – Elmo
Congressional Delegates – Floyd and Zoot
Crazy Patriot – Crazy Harry
Statler and Waldorf – Themselves

Here’s the Second Act.

via Boing Boing