The Multi-Refined Origins of Bugs Bunny, The Iconic Rabbit Whose Personality Is Absolutely Timeless

In his latest animated commentary, video essayist Kristian Williams aka KaptainKristian takes a deep look into the origins of Bugs Bunny, the iconic smart-talking cartoon rabbit whose personality is absolutely timeless.

He doesn’t seem like a character from the nineteen forties. His anarchic gender-bending wiseass personality is pretty progressive even by today’s standards and he’s aged so well because he isn’t locked in any one specific pool of relatability. Something like the Flintstones can be revived again and again but that Honeymooners era sitcom approach doesn’t really gel well with a modern audience. Bugs on the other hand can work in any situation because he’s incredibly versatile and that’s why he’s appeared in more films than any other cartoon character in history.