Faceless Dancers Use Trampoline to Rebound Onto a Rotating Stairway in Stunning Panthéon Show

Pantheon Mechanics of History

In the stunning Yoann Bourgeois performance entitled “La Mécanique de L’Histoire”, faceless dancers gracefully fell from an Escheresque rotating circular stairway and in an amazing demonstration of inertia, balance and control, immediately rebounded back onto the steps with a single bounce off of a trampoline. The figures repeated the movement over and again until only a single dancer remained, tirelessly trying to make his way back onto the top step until he finally reached it. This performance, part of the Monument en Mouvement, took place at the Panthéon in Paris, France.

(translated) Set at the highest point of the dome of the Pantheon, the famous Foucault pendulum serves as a support for the choreographer’s work on movement and balance. Around four spectacular devices trampoline, turntable or in precarious balance, as well as its famous “Balance of Levity”, installed in the monument, the dancers-acrobats, the clock of Foucault and the public, will be the actors of an ambulatory spectacle unpublished.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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