The Little Book of Butts, A Funny Illustrated Guide to the Posterior by Attaboy


The Little Book of Butts by Attaboy, artist, designer and author of The Book of Hugs, is a soft-cover illustrate book about the posterior of the human body . It is currently available for purchase through Hi-Fructose.

“The Little Book of Butts’ by Attaboy is a perfect guide to the padded flesh flaps we’ve all come to know and love, The Butt. From the creator of the Book of Hugs comes this very funny, often esoteric and very strange and sometimes profound humor book about, umm, butts!

Attaboy is coming to New York in February to do book signings in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island.

Attaboy will be headed to New York to do signings for the book and the second printing of The Book of Hugs at AFA Gallery in SoHo, Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn, and Haven Gallery on Long Island on February 12th, 13th, and 14th. There will be Q&As and special items from his archives at the events. Show up on time to score rare back issues of Hi-Fructose (while they last). There will also be a mini art show at AFA Gallery, featuring Attaboy’s drawings and spray painted, hand cut stencil pieces.

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Microscopic Butt Party

Little Book of Butts

images via Hi-Fructose

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