A Veteran Voice Over Artist Takes the Advice of a Demanding Client Quite Literally in ‘The Lion’

Filmmaker Sam Buchanan and producer Camila Carlow Buchanan (previously) have created “The Lion” a very humorous, but not unrealistic short film about a veteran voice over artist doing his job. All was going well, until a trio of clueless but demanding clients offered advice. The artist tried to implement their suggestions as best he could but when he had all that he could bear from the trio, he decided to take an unhelpful suggestion of imagining a lion in his path, quite literally.

A short film about a voiceover session that implodes, It’s a film that pokes fun at corporate nonsense. …A corporate recording session implodes when a seasoned voice over artist is pushed to breaking point.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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