The Internet Archive Launches the Trump Archive, A Verified Historical Collection of PEOTUS Videos

Trump Archive

The Internet Archive has launched the very timely The Trump Archive, a historical record with over 520 hours of videos showing debates, speeches, rallies, television shows and other broadcasts related to the President-Elect. Every video in the collection has been fact-checked by a number of verified resources and can be easily searched. This archive is a living project that invites contributors to participate and encourages anyone needing information to use freely.

By providing a free and enduring source for TV news broadcasts of Trump’s statements, the Internet Archive hopes to make it more efficient for the media, researchers, and the public to track Trump’s statements while fact-checking and reporting on the new administration. The Trump Archive can also serve as a rich treasure trove of video material for any creative use: comedy, art, documentaries, wherever people’s inspiration takes them. The Trump Archive is a work in progress; we will continue to refine the content. We hope to work with others to broaden the materials available, to make search more efficient, and otherwise make it more useful for the public. We’d like you feedback and suggestions.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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