The Inherent Value in Allowing Cats to Come and Go as They Please By Installing a Cat Door

In the third episode of the wonderfully informative series “Simon’s Cat Logic“, illustrator Simon Toland talks about how his cats follow him room to room, wanting in and then out then back in again while Animal behaviorist Nicky Trevorrow speaks about the importance of having a “cat flap” or cat door to let them come and go as they please, so that said cats don’t drive their respective humans absolutely bonkers.

Cats are renowned for having a natural curiosity, and so it’s understandable, that they’d want to know what’s on the other side of the door. Cats are natural control freaks, so they’d rather have choice over their access. In the Simon’s Cat video ‘Let me In’, Simon’s Cat would be less reliant on Simon, if he had exclusive entry cat flap, such as a microchip cat flap or a magnetic one. This would allow Simon’s Cat to have the choice of when to come in and out. One of the benefits of having exclusive entry cat flap, is that it would only let in Simon’s Cat for example, and not the other cats in the neighbourhood.