The Great Alfred Hitchcock Laughs About the British Sense of Humor in a Lost 1957 Animated Interview

In a amusing episode of the lost interview series Blank on Blank, the late great Alfred Hitchcock spoke with journalist Colin Edwards in 1957 about his upcoming film (Vertigo), his penchant for creating fear and how he enjoyed using his distinctly British sense of humor to relieve the tension within a scary scene.

Well, yes, I believe, you know, after all there’s humor in a graveyard. …I think the British have a sense of humor, especially about the macabre. …But actually I don’t think it really matters, you know, and sometimes people can’t help, especially certain types of English people, can’t help but make a joke. Whether it’s for their own relief or what.


Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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