The Gorgeously Surreal ‘Nouveaudelia’ Style of Dayton, Ohio Artist Amy Kollar Anderson

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Amy Kollar Anderson is an incredible artist who uses gorgeous colors to express imaginatively surreal concepts in a style she calls “Nouveaudelia”. Based out of Dayton, Ohio with her husband and four cats, much of Kollar Anderson’s award-winning art has been shown nationally and internationally to great acclaim. She also produces time lapse videos that capture the creation of her art and her artistic process.

With my paintings, I create narratives about containment, obsession, and transformation. Containment is revealed through locations with physical barriers, but it can also be addressed through the emotional or psychological condition of the individuals. Obsession can be seen in the multitude of details, or in the characters that are fixated with an object or idea. Most recently, I have been exploring transformation and the shifting of ideas or physical identities. My style, Nouveaudelia, combines Psychedelic and Art Nouveau aesthetics. I enjoy the process of overlapping realistic forms and decorative design elements, then combining them with untraditional paint and material choices, such as metallic or interference colors and glitter.

A number of Kollar Anderson’s beautiful paintings are currently available for purchase.

Moonlight Serenade




images by Amy Kollar Anderson

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