The Genetic and Physiological Differences Between Extrovert and Introvert Personalities

The high informative whiteboard series AsapSCIENCE explains the differences between extroverts and introverts, the genetic and physiological makeup of each and how an ambivert is a combination of the two personalities.

In many ways our society has an extroversion bias where qualities like putting yourself out there are highly valued. Our institutions are also often designed with the extrovert in mind. Group work is a popular practice in most schools and workplaces with the idea that creativity comes from a social place. …When we think of introverts shyness and the preference to be alone often come to mind, but in reality introverts may simply prefer close conversations with one or a few people instead of dozens …but perhaps you are an ambivert right in the middle of the introvert extrovert Venn diagram combining the best of both worlds.