The BioLite BaseLantern, A BlueTooth Smart Lantern That Can Provide Outdoor Light and Power

BioLite Charging and Site Lights

The BioLite BaseLantern is a BlueTooth enabled smart lantern that provides 500 lumens of light and USB power for outdoor adventures. The device uses edge-lighting and a rechargeable 7,800 maH battery to provide power to the unit itself as well as USB-powered devices like tablets, cameras, and smartphones.

BioLite also offers the more powerful BaseLanternXL with a larger 12,000 mHa battery, and both lights are expandable with small 100 lumen BioLite SiteLights to better light an area. The BaseLantern app uses a Low Energy BlueTooth connection to control the brightness and color of the light itself, offer features like proximity activation, and even provide detailed data on how the battery power is being used.

BioLite has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the BaseLantern to market, and they are offering discounted units and kits featuring some of their other products like the CampStove as rewards for backers.

BioLite Features

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BioLite Color Effects

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