Scottish Sportscaster Teaches His Dogs to Play Poker

Scottish broadcaster Andrew Cotter took the time to teach his rather earnest dogs Olive and Mabel how to play poker. While Mabel was a bit too scared of the dinosaur cards she was given to play, Olive showed Cotter that she was a bit of a card shark with a remarkable hand of five aces.

I will see you 20 and I will raise you three biscuits. Yes, this just got real. So what do you think? Too rich for you? I do pay you in love and sofa use. Right, let’s see them. Five aces? See this? This is the reason you’re banned from casinos or one of the many reasons.

Cotter reluctantly surrendered to the pot of chips and dog biscuits to Olive, although he did save a bit for Mabel.

There you go cash in have the lot take the biscuits. I think you’ve just seen one of the chips as well. At least give half to Mabel.