TasteAtlas, An Interactive Map That Plots Where Popular Local Food Around the World Can Be Found

Taste Atlas

TasteAtlas is a wonderful searchable, interactive map that plots exactly where the best and most popular local foods can be found anywhere in the world. The idea behind the project is to ensure that local recipes and traditional foods that have been handed down for generations aren’t lost or left behind with increasing technology.

TasteAtlas – World Food Atlas is a project dedicated to marking down, preserving, and promoting local ingredients, traditional recipes, and authentic restaurants.

The atlas also gives travelers an opportunity to become familiar with the local foods and customs of the areas they plan to visit.

…Our mission is to mark down the world’s dishes and ingredients, to save our grandmothers’ traditional recipes from oblivion, and to encourage travelers to familiarize themselves with different cultures through high-quality, authentic, local food.

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